Save $100 or More a Year on Shaving and Get a Smoother Shave.




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As the price of razor refills continued climbing and I was forced to stretch the use of every blade I was almost ready to give up and grow a beard just for budgetary reasons. Then I discovered this wonderful tip and my blade costs fell as quickly as the quality of my shave went up! I simply took the cardboard off the package the blades came in and laid it close to my razor. I filled this container with baby oil-I also store my unused blades in this reservoir-and after shaving I clean and rinse the razor well, then rest so the blades are immersed in baby oil. A blade that used to last maybe two weeks(I have a light beard) now lasts me 8-10 weeks, shaving just as often etc. plus I get a smoother shave. The oil fills the micro-pores in the stainless blades and stops the oxidation that usually takes place, dulling your blades even while they aren't being used. At least that's the theory I arrived at after using this method for 2 years and using two four-packs of blades, oh, minus the three unused blades I still have. In my six decades shaving I have tried all kinds of different approaches to face-hair care and this is the smoothest and most economical hands down! It will only cost you 99¢ and save you hundreds! Buy the $3 bottle of baby oil and 10 packs of refills and you'll be shaving for years after the Big One hits...


Step 1: Fresh Blade Edge-notice How Clean and Straight It Is!

This is a 5-blade razor's cutting edge on just one blade fresh out of the package. Notice those tiny little pits on the bevel portion. This blade is about 3X the thickness of a human hair. The cutting edge is the bright line with the bevel cut and blade on the right.

Step 2: After 3 Shaves!

OK, I had to flip this so the blade is on the left this time. You can see those tiny pits are now craters and the cutting edge is more like a saw than a knife! Unfortunately I am unable to supply a picture of a blade that had been stored in oil but I'm sure you can imagine how much better the blade looks if it's not corroding between uses-really you don't have to imagine, just look at the previous picture and feel how much smoother your shaves are now! So, if you're using a brush and hemp shaving soap as I do, soak your blades and save your dollars, by the time you're my age you'll have saved enough to pay someone else to shave you!



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    It was not my intent to begin a debate about the merits of various shaving methods-just as we all have different faces we will likely prefer differing methods of dealing with facial landscaping. That said, my suggestion works equally as well with one blade or six blades. If you were like me in your teens you can substitute cod liver oil for baby oil to keep your kitty's tongue in proper trim and prevent hair build-up.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Been doing this for years - I only use 4 or 5 blades a year.


    4 years ago

    Cool idea. I'm going to try it out.