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Introduction: Save Deodorant

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Hi Gang:

I know stick deodorant isn't very expensive, but I hate to see any left over when I throw the case away. I use it until I'm almost shaving my armpits with the edge of the case. So I've tried various ways to pull the last bit out and save it. At first I would dig the remainders out and put them on top of the next case. This didn't work great, but I found a better way.

Step 1: Open the Case and Get the Stuff Out

Well in the past it was as easy as turning the adjuster until the last bit came out. But this time it wouldn't budge! So I found that under the adjuster was a white cap that I popped out. Then I could cut the screw free from the knob with my pocket knife so the platform would come out with the remaining deodorant. Then I could see why it wouldn't budge, the screw had a relief so it wouldn't push up any more, and also had a knob so it wouldn't release the platform. Designed to fail and also to prevent you from using all the deodorant!

Step 2: Platform With Deodorant

So here is the platform and screw with the deodorant. I put it on the scale and it weighed 22g. Then I put it in a plastic measuring cup so I could melt it off in the microwave oven. ( Don't ask me why you shouldn't use an aluminum cup! ) After melting off the platform it only weighed 5g, so there were 17g of deodorant I saved, 32% of the promised 52g!

Step 3: Prepare the New Case

So I took the new deodorant case, ran the deodorant up so I could score the top with my knife. This will help the melted deodorant bond to the new. Then run the platform back down.

Step 4: Pouring Into the New Case

So I put the plastic measuring cup ( did I tell you why it should be plastic? ) in the microwave with the platform and the wasted deodorant. 10 to 15 seconds will melt the deodorant, I did 5 seconds at a time until it all melted. Then just pour the melted deodorant on top of the old and let it cool off. Don't hurry here, it take a few minutes.

Step 5: All Done, Ready for Tomorrow Morning!

So there it is: 17g of deodorant saved! And with a full stick at over a dollar I saved maybe 40¢!!

Hope you enjoyed this Instructable and have fun.

Be safe out there!


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