Save Online Fill-In Forms As PDF

Introduction: Save Online Fill-In Forms As PDF

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It's happened to all of us...

You're filling in a form online to submit to somewhere important (maybe for school, a job, etc), and when you get done and you're ready to email it....there's no "submit" button! Even worse--to your horror--you find that when you save it, it saves the BLANK form. Oh no! Hours down the drain! What can you do!?

You can print it, then either snail mail it, or scan it back into your computer and attach the file to your email and send it that way. (No...too much trouble!) can save it as a PDF to your computer and easily email it on its merry way :) (Yes! The perfect solution!)

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Step 1: Fill-In Your Form

If you're reading this, you may already have done this step. If not, get to it! :)

Step 2: Ctrl + P

Now, it's time to "print" it. Click "ctrl" and "P" at the same time to bring up the print screen.

Step 3: Psych! Save It to PDF

1. Click "Change" under "Destination."

2. Under "Local Destinations," select "Save as PDF."

3. Now your "Destination" should read "Save as PDF" on the main print screen. (As in the last picture.)

Step 4: Rename the File

1. In the "File Name" bar, type in your new title for the document.

2. Click "Save."

Step 5: Retrieve Your File

When you're ready to add it as an attachment to your email, it will be in your Documents under the name you saved it under.

As you can see in the last picture, it saved as a PDF, and can also be retrieved through Adobe.

Pretty simple, huh!? This will save you time, headaches, and stress! Share this information with a friend, too :)

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