Save Water Project

Introduction: Save Water Project

The Save Water Project was created at the 1st SEMISH Hackathon at CSBC 2017

We created a little device to save water in a building with gamification. The Ideas was, that all occupants of the building measure their water usage and that they can compare on a dashboard how much they used in 1 comparison of the average of the house.

We used the Dragonboard 410 and the Grove Starter Kit for 96Boards.

The Project was created from:

  • Gabriel Magalhães
  • Lázaro Dias
  • Rodrigo Elias
  • Victor Marques
  • Clemens Putschli

You can find all project related files on our github repository:

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Step 1: Connect the Sensors

Connect the sensors to the appropriate ports (see image):

  • the Button Sensor to A0
  • the rotary sensor to A1
  • the light sensor to A2
  • the LED to D3
  • the LCD to I2C0

Step 2: Download the Code and Prepare Your Board

Login to your board and install the necessary programs:

Just go to the following page and execute step 6:

Download the code from out git repository:

git clone

enter in the directory:

cd hackathon/rotary

and execute the start script:


Step 3: Finished

Thats it, the Board is now up and running.

Sometimes the LCD wont work. Just try to disconnect and reconnect it or reboot the dragonboard.

You should also start and install the waterRationing server from the git repository

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    2 years ago

    Keeping everyone conscientious of their water use is a great way to keep it lower :)