Save a Wineglass With Sugru

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So after a long week I was sitting with a bottle of wine or two while editing images that resulted in getting home at 3am for the eighth day in a row and considering the even longer weekend ahead. 

My family busts glassware by the box, so breaking the last of even the 99p for four tesco champagne flutes is a problem, which I did, someone annoyed me impressively and flutes are fragile... Well, if they had longer necks it wouldn't have broke... 

Anyway I thought a little sugru might fix it and add a bit of novelty to the glass itself. 

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Step 1: Set the Top in the Wine, Find Materials

So if the glass breaks with wine in it, set it in the wine bottle, now go look for:

 - Sugru
 - Moisturiser
 - Sobriety

Step 2: Moisturise!

Cut the sugru packet then...

Rub your hands well with moisturiser.

Step 3: Set the Glass

Take the sugru and wrap it round the base stalk first, line them up. 

Rub the sugru in to the cracks until the glass can blance and support itself, set it in a corner for 24 hours, and it will be good as new... ish...

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    9 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Hi killerjackalope, lovely hack :) I have repaired a wine glass at home also and now I only drink wine from that glass, I love it.

    I have a technical questions for you, do you use moisturiser on your hands so that sugru does not stick to you ?


    1 reply

    Yeah, it's far easier than dipping your hands in soapy water every time they start to dry off. By the way fiber putty - the hair stuff from Vo5 works great too. *closest thing to hand one day.*


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice fix! I like the title pic, very arty.

    You tried trimming the sugru up with a knife? It make make it look neater. Or you could make it look arty by adding more sugru and winding tentacles of it up around the stem to cup the bowl of the glass?

    1 reply

    I plan to do a black vine wrapping it over next time I'm sugruing something, I didn't trim it because it does need the thicker bit for strength, on the upside it turns out the moisturiser is the best non stick for sugru I've used yet, I was even able to smooth it with my fingers pretty well, though handling it every time left finger prints again.