Batch Processing Images for Web With Droplet @ Photoshop




Images directly from camera will have high file size. To make an instructable. repetitive tasks, like saving 100 images for web in Photoshop is time consuming and frustrating. Droplets are drag-and-drop mini-applications which can do those repetitive tasks for you.

Older versions of Photoshop may not have this functions

(try CS6 or CC)

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Step 1: Things You've Need.

  1. personal computer with decent configuration
  2. Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC
  3. Pictures to process

Step 2: Open Adobe Photoshop

Step 3: Choose Window→Actions (or) Press(Alt+F9)

Step 4: Click "create a New Set" Button

Step 5: Give a Name to the Set

Step 6: Click "create a New Action" Button

Step 7: Give Any Name to the Action Then Click "Record"

Step 8: Click File→Open or Press(Ctrl+O)

Step 9: Browse Any Pic and Click Open

Step 10: Click File→Save for Web or Press(Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S)

Step 11: Choose "JPEG Medium" With 30% Medium Quality and Click "Save" (Check for Notes Added to the Image)

Step 12: Create a New Folder and Save

Step 13: Close the Image by Clicking File→Close or Press(Ctrl+W).

If Photoshop asks to save changes Click "NO"

Step 14: Click the "Stop" Button in the Actions Palette.

Install the action file. If you find any difficulty in creating an action.

Step 15: Click File→Automate→Create Droplet...

Step 16: In Create Droplet Dialogue Box. Click Choose→Save @ Desired Location With Name (check for Notes Added to the Image)

Step 17: Choose the Set. Here I Created a Set Named Instructable.

Step 18: Choose the Action. Here I Created an Action Named "Save for Web"

Step 19: Put Check Mark to the Boxes

Ignore the warning message by clicking "OK"

Step 20: Choose Destination Type Folder

Step 21: Choose a Folder:

I'll Choose the same folder. which i created while making a action.

Step 22: Put Check Mark(check for Notes Added to Image)

Ignore warning messages and click "OK"

Step 23: Click"OK" (check for Notes Added to Image)

Step 24: There I've Got the Droplet.exe Icon @ My Desktop

Step 25: How to Use?

Now Click and drag the entire folder containing images to save for web and drop it over the droplet.exe file.

Enjoy watching the automated Photoshop do your work without getting tired.

Step 26: File Size Before Processing Is 56.6 MB

Step 27: File Size After Processing Is 2.76 MB

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12 Discussions


3 years ago

Awesome!! This will save me a lot of time. Thank you!

1 reply

2 years ago

I have heard about these, but, have never looked into them. Would you use the same 'Droplet.exe' for any file or just for the "entire folder containing images to save for web". Meaning, do you need to create a 'Droplet' for each instance of an action, or, are they 'universal'? And, why is this different from just running the action? I hope the questions are alright.

Thank you so very much!


3 replies

Reply 2 years ago

hello Su,

Actions can be applied to a single file, but droplet can apply actions to entire folder with image files. It saves time. Droplets can be created with any repetitive tasks to perform. Your creativity is the limits. Sorry for the delay to reply.


Reply 2 years ago

I responded somewhere else, but, I will here, as well. Your response was very timely, so, please, don't apologize.
I often wondered about applying an action to multiple files, but, never looked into. Now, I have my answer! LOL Thank you so very much for your kind attention and response.


3 years ago

I never used Batch processing in PS. Neither I knew about it! ^^

Now I know better!

Thank you very much, chrisjlionel! :)

1 reply