Save Money, Save Plastics, Save the World



Introduction: Save Money, Save Plastics, Save the World

In the UK, each household throws about 40kg of plastics into landfill every year. These plastics can take over 100 years to break down. (

...why should you spend your hard earned pennies on something you are going to throw away!

This instructable will shows some totally lazy ways to reduce how much plastic you throw out and save you money in the process.

However you must speculate to accumulate and some items have an initial cost... sorry. :-P

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Step 1: Hand Soap

Now I don't know about you, but I got more soap sets and bubble baths for Christmas than I know what to do with.

However it does mean I don't have to buy hand soap for about a year. :-D

I bought this from Amazon:

It comes in lots of colours and shapes to match your decor.

This will make your Christmas bubble baths last forever because you only fill it up with soap a quarter full. You then top it up with water. Right now mine is filled with some Snow Fairy from Lush and my guests can't get enough of it!

No more buying hand soap ... well not for a while at least. Even when you do, your soap will last 4 times longer than usual.

Step 2: Shampoo/Conditioner/Shower Gel

Most shower products come in plastic bottles that are 500mls or less. However if you buy these pump action 1litre+ bottles you can save money and plastic.

I buy mine from either Amazon or TK Maxx. They usually cost between £11-£15. This seems expensive but they are very good quality and you are buying 3 times more than you normally would.

Since these massive bottles have pump tops you end up using less than you normally would and also you don't need as much because you are buying a good quality product.

So you save money by buying in bulk, save plastic by getting 1 big bottle instead of 3-4 smaller ones and you don't need to remember to put it on your shopping list as often.

Step 3: Cleaning Products

I have just started buying my cleaning products from a company called SPLOSH. Their website can explain their philosophy way better than I can:

Basically you order you cleaning products from them. They send you bottles with your first order but that's it. When they run out you keep the bottles and SPLOSH send you refills in the post. They are super concentrated and come in soluble plastic packets that you drop into the bottles then you top them up with hot water.

Because you are buying less packaging it works out cheaper than buying a lot of the brand name cleaning products.

Step 4: Other Miscellaneous

These are some other things you can buy that will save you money in the long run and will also stop you sending so much waste to landfill.

Sandwich wraps - use these instead of buying disposable sandwich bags.

Lady Cloth and Cups- this one's for the ladies only, if you know what I mean. They have saved me hundreds of pounds over the years!

Reusable coffee cups - when you use these you get a small discount at lots of coffee shops.

Washable nappies - doesn't apply to me, but you can save money if you work it right. They are so cute too.

Handkerchief or a hanky book - This saves more paper than plastic but it will always save you money.

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