Saving My Pencils

Introduction: Saving My Pencils

This is what I created so that I could keep track of my pencils during the day because I am constantly losing pencils

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Step 1: Getting the Materials Needed

the materials you are going to need for this project are
1.) paper (at least two pieces of paper, just in case)
2.) tape
3.) paper clip

Step 2: Starting With the Paper

You just need a normal size plain white paper like this one.

Step 3: The Folding

okay so you have a plain white normal size piece of paper. Put that paper landscape for now and draw a line with your pencil right down the middle of the paper and fold across that line. Like shown in the picture

Step 4: The Folding Pt. 2

Step 5: Adding the Paper Clip

Step 6:

Step 7: Here Is My Video of How I Used My Pencil Saver

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