Savory Crunchy Cucumbers (easiest Recipe)




Introduction: Savory Crunchy Cucumbers (easiest Recipe)

The easiest and quickest recipe for savory cucumbers.

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Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment

Digital scales

Thoroughly washed jar

Kitchen towel

Cloves (2 pcs)

Cardamom (2 pcs)

Coriander seeds (2 gr / 0.071 oz)

Yellow mustard seeds (10 gr / 0.35 oz)

Dill seeds (5 gr / 0.18 oz)

Bay leaves (2-3 pcs)

Black peppercorn (3 gr / 0.11 oz)

Cucumbers (1 kg / 2.2 pounds)

Measuring cup

5% vinegar (300 ml / 10.6 fl.oz)

Salt (50 gr / 1.8 oz)

Sugar (50 gr / 1.8 oz)

Boiling water (1 liter / 33.8 fl. oz)

Step 2: Preparations

Wash and cut both ends of each cucumber.

Mix all spices in the jar.

Put cucumbers in the jar as tight as possible.

Step 3: Preparing the Brine

In a measuring cup mix:

1. 300 ml / 10.6 fl.oz of 5% vinegar

2. 50 gr / 1.8 oz of salt.

3. The same amount of sugar (50 gr / 1.8 oz).

Add 1 liter / 33.8 fl. oz of boiling water.

Step 4: Filling the Jar

Pour the brine to the jar with cucumbers to the brim.

Step 5: Final

Cover the jar with a lid.

Wrap it with a kitchen towel.

Wait for the jar to cool at the room temperature for 24 hours.

Cooled cucumbers should be stored in a fridge.

Same recipe can be used for canning and long storage. It this case, you may use mason jars and sterilize them.

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    Great tutorial. Homemade pickles are so much better then store bought.