Saw-Blade Axe

About: Amateur Inventor.

This was a simple build made out of leftover parts. I drew inspiration for this project from Mad Max.

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Step 1: Materials & Tools


A recently broken sledge hammer handle

Two old saw blades (preferable one large and one small)

Some leather


Needle and Thread



Angle grinder



Step 2: Saw-Blade Head

The head of the axe is constructed from two saw blades, a smaller one and a larger one. The smaller one was cut into quarters vertically and then welder to the larger blade. Supports are then welded in to reduce the wobble between blades. When welding do not rapidly cool the blades as this will warp them.

Step 3: Handle

The sledge hammer handle is sanded and then a cross section cut into the top. Once this is done oil the handle.

Step 4: Assembly and Leather Wrapping

Apply epoxy to the cross section then insert Saw-Blade handle. If the cross section is tight and the handle splits slightly, put a screw in a place that will pull the handle together and can be cover up when leather wrapping. When leather wrapping, make sure the leather is pulled tightly when sewing together and apply epoxy to the leather.

This wiki shows best how to perform this step.

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    4 years ago

    love this and mad max. Just a technical note that this is nuch more a mace than an axe as it doesn't have an edge.
    Probably damn effective aswell although I wouldn't trust that head attachment, if it does break then aquire some steel pipe and cut the blades so the pipe can reach the centre and weld or bolt it on! that wouldn't go anywhere!

    1 reply