Saw Dust Wood Filler




Filling a hole of fixing a mistake, wood filler comes in handy, but what if you ran out or cant find the correct colour? Well, sawdust will do the trick!

Materials needed:

  • Fine sawdust
  • Glue

Step 1: Combine Sawdust With Glue

Mix equal parts of sawdust and glue together. I used PVA glue which dries clear and thus, has little to no impact on the colour of the wood once it had dried. The sawdust used should be fine. I used 240 grit sandpaper to get the sawdust. Store bought wood filler is used for comparison.

Step 2: Apply the Wood Filler...

Using a scraper, apply the sawdust and glue mixture. The scraper provides a straight surface to remove the excess wood filler. For my test piece, i uesd a wood strip with knife scrapes and a slot cut with a saw.

Step 3: Results!

The wood filler highlights the imperfections as it has a diffrent colour. The sawdust and wood glue mixture had hidden the knife scrapes and matched the colour of the wood better.

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