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Are you a woodworker? Do you like pizza? if the answer is yes you need to make yourself one of these awesome simple to make Saw Handle Pizza Cutters!

What you need:1 Piece of scrap wood 7"x7" , Pizza Cutter Wheel, Jigsaw/Fret Saw, Sander, Dremel ,

Mineral Oil, Epoxy Glue & your favourite pizza!

Step 1: Sketch Handle Outline & Cut It Out

  • I sketched a saw handle outline onto my scrap piece of teak.
  • You can also get a template of a saw handle from google images print it and glue it to your wood and use it as a cutting guide if you are not confident drawing the handle free hand.
  • I used my Jigsaw to cut the handle out but you could also use a fretsaw
  • Do not cut any fingers off as this will make your pizza eating experience less enjoyable!!

Step 2: Shape & Sand the Handle

  • I used a Dremel tool with a sanding drum to round over the edges of the handle so it fits the hand comfortably
  • When using the dremel be careful not to push the sanding drum into the wood too hard as this left burn marks on the teak I used,which meant I had to sand some more!
  • I sanded with my random orbital sander and by hand up to 320 grit for a nice smooth finish.

Step 3: Drill Hole for Cutting Wheel & Epoxy It Into Your Awesome Saw Handle!!

  • Secure your handle upright so you can drill into it safely!
  • I used a 3mm drill bit to drill a series of holes deep and wide enough to accommodate the cutting wheel shank.
  • Test fit the cutting wheel
  • When the cutting wheel is fitting nicely mix your epoxy up and fill up the hole you drilled
  • Insert the cutting wheel shank into the hole and remove any overflow of epoxy.
  • Follow the drying time guide lines on the epoxy and allow it to dry.

Step 4: Oil the Handle

  • I used a copious amount of mineral oil to finish this handle as I wanted the wood grain to pop
  • I like using mineral oil as it is quick to dry & I did not have to wait to long to get cutting pizzas!

Step 5: Cook Your Favourite Pizza & Cut It in Comfort & Style!!

  • I cooked my favourite pizza and made some test cuts
  • The saw handle pizza cutter performed flawlessly!!
  • I made a YouTube Video of the process for my channel BCDesign
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