Saw Holder for Sharpening

Introduction: Saw Holder for Sharpening

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this is a handy instructable

its quick, easy.

and saves your saw,s

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Step 1: What You Will Need

a square



(optional) sharp knife

1 inch square x the length of the saw you intend to use, bit of wood

steel ruler, if not any ruler

Step 2: Mark Your Lines

with your square or ruler,

mark 1/2 inch, on the bit of wood.

then mark a straight line

right down the middle.

Step 3: Cutting

with your bit of wood.

place it in a vice.

then using your saw

cut straight down the middle.

leaving an inch or so at the bottom

ps, to help stop the wood from splitting

drill a small hole where you leave the inch at the bottom.

Step 4: Quick and Easy, to the FINISH

now once you have sawed all the way down, (apart from the inch or so).

place your saw into the holder.

then place the holder in a vice.

then using a file (saw file).

you can work away getting them teeth nice and sharp.

without the risk of bending or damaging the saw.

also the 1 inch square is for my rip saw.

if you want you can alter the measurements to suit the saw.

thank you for taking time to read this instructable.

and stay safe.

best wishes to you all

much love .


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