SawSquawk Birdhouse (Inspired by SawStop)




Introduction: SawSquawk Birdhouse (Inspired by SawStop)

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I like getting creative with my birdhouses. It's a lot of fun watching a bird fly into something amusing. This time I made one that looks like a SawStop table saw. I call it the SawSquawk. Check out the video then follow this Instructable to make one yourself.

Click here to read my blog post on this project and download my cutting templates.

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Step 1: Make a Box

Cut a bottom that is 5" square. Drill holes in the bottom for air flow and drainage (ew).

Cut two 7"x10" boards for the front and back. Use the front side cutting template to cut the entry hole. I used a scroll saw, but a jigsaw or coping saw would work too. (I like how the blade tilt crank slot is the hole. LOL)

Cut two sides that are 5.5"x10".

Use glue, nails, and/or screws to put these together to make a 10" tall box.

Step 2: Make the Top

Cut a 9" x 14" board for the top. To make it look like a table saw, cut two shallow grooves that are about 3/8" wide for the miter slots. They should be placed about 1/3 from each end of the board.

Paint the table top gray, then mask off the "insert plate" area using the template and paint it red. I use paper towels to cover the rest of the table top.

Step 3: Attach the Top

I cut two wooden brackets with mounting holes, then glued and nailed them to the sides of the box. Make sure they are flush with the top of the box. Center the the top and screw it on through the mounting brackets. Make sure your screws are short enough so they don't stick through the top.

Step 4: Cut, Paint, and Attach Accessories

This is the fun part...accessorizing your table saw birdhouse! Don't skimp on this part because it really makes the birdhouse look like a table saw. I provided templates for some of these parts, but you will just have to WING the others! ;) Get detailed and be patient!

Cut two cranks, paint them, and screw them on. I placed a nut between the crank and box, and left them a little loose so they can spin. (These can work as a perch for birds, even though perches are not actually recommended, since they help predators get into the birdhouse.)

Cut the power button. I also cut a small block that I could use to attach the button. (If you look at a picture of a SawStop, you can see what I was trying to emulate.)

Cut and paint the saw blade and riving knife. Glue them so they are centered on the red "insert plate".

Make a miter gauge and fence for the table top and paint them like the SawStop. I glued mine in place, but you could leave them loose. People who see my birdhouse always try to move them, so that's a fun option.

Note: I used wood glue to attach the parts. Normally it's not a good idea to use wood glue on painted surfaces, but I've found it works well on signs and things like this that will not be under stress or load.

Step 5: Add the Logos

I recommend painting the logos on if you will be placing the birdhouse outside. Paint pens might be a good way to do this. Another option would be to get vinyl or weather resistant stickers. I will be keeping this birdhouse indoors so I can display it at woodworking shows, so I simply printed the logos on paper and attached them with spray adhesive. (I may go back and paint the logos when I have time.)

Step 6: Enjoy the Bird Watching!

If you place your birdhouse outside, put it about 5' or 6' off the ground on a fence or tree so that you can see it out of a window. I put birdhouses in locations that I can see from my dinner table. Look at the birdhouse occasionally to see if there is any activity. If not, try moving it to a different spot.

With any luck, you will be grinning when you see a bird fly into your table saw birdhouse. Don't forget to clean it out after the birds leave the nest, so that new residents can move in.

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    WoodCrafts 67
    WoodCrafts 67

    3 years ago

    Nice Job on that Steve. It looks Amazing. You have a good eye for detail. You really amaze me with your projects. I am now wondering what you will come up with next :) I enjoyed The video a lot This was a great Instructable. Thank you for sharing..


    3 years ago

    Wow! So much detail! (And I have the screwdriver that you used in 2:59, Isn't it amazing?)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thank you! Yes, that screwdriver kit is great with all the attachments. Really comes in handy.