Say Goodbye T-shirt and Hello Apron (with Just a Pair of Scissors)!




Introduction: Say Goodbye T-shirt and Hello Apron (with Just a Pair of Scissors)!

About: ...after 30 years of becoming corporately numb, my dreams of not working (for pay) and instead creating with my hands has become a reality. Life is grand!

Imagine...with just a few snips you can be wearing your favorite t-shirt as a functional apron each time you work on an instructables project. 

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Step 1: Create the Apron Neckline

*Cut from the front of the armpit, around the collar, and back down the front of the other armpit. 

*If there is anything on the back of the t-shirt that you want to save, trim it out now.

Step 2: Create the Apron Strings

*Turn the t-shirt over to the back and starting at the bottom center, cut a "V" to within 3" of the armpit.

*Remove the sleeves, being careful to not cutting beyond the seam.

 *Next, cut 3" up from the bottom center and then follow the line of the earlier cut creating a 2-3" wide ribbon up to where the sleeve was attached.

*Turn the t-shirt back to the front.

Step 3: Tidy Up If Desired

*Notice how the strings are bumpy at the top.  Feel free to round them with the scissors.

*This is also a great time to enlist a friend (with a sewing machine or access to stitch witchery) to attach any portion of the t-shirt that you saved in Step 1.

Now go out there and make something in your sweet apron!

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    4 Discussions


    7 years ago on Step 2

    Thank you so much for this instructable, the resulting apron is PERFECT for me to use at work! Now I need a few more...


    Reply 7 years ago on Step 2

    I am so glad that you found it made my day!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ah...hadn't thought of that. It would be great in hiding non-flattering flaws ;-)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    That is awesome! I'd actually wear that to the beach as a summer cover up too...!