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Introduction: Scale-Bra (new Version)

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After makin four of my former scale-bras, i decided to make sumthin new and i started with the cup-centers and sum epaulettes.

As usual i'll just list my used weaves in the order, i constructed the bra - and as usual you can find all weave, if not modified, on
I'm using a set of rings, i get from a german seller, but they're very similar to the ones you can get at in Merica.
Note that using a puppet really makes things easier as you can arrange every single unit without being bothered by the rest or gravity.

Pics starring Kitty Wild, model from Berlin, (my own pics suck, cos my photos suck and i suck, too, when making photos, that's why sum provided photos suck)

Step 1: Collar

I started with sum Rondo to make collar. This is the base that holds almost everything, so i also used "Cynake's clasp" from steel-wire for closure: easy to open, stiff and more durable than my common mini-carabines.

Step 2: Epaulettes

Second step was making sum epaulettes. I used short strips of Rondo again as a base. Then added scales to the set of three rings of each Rondo-unit, i also added 2x3 rings to two doubled big rings at one end of the Rondo Strip and a scale for each three rings again. That way you get a start to weave scale-mail round these epaulettes. Add 5 lines of scale-mail - that should make a round thing for a round shoulder
Next step is to try stiffen the epaulettes: I used ZTB-Hilt, which is three box-chains interconnected. As my ZTB-hilt was not stiff enough, i interconnected the big center rings of that weave on two of the three sides.
Third one is meant as bottom - these are being connected to the tiny rings in the middle of the scale-mailled rondo-strips (i reopened these tiny rings, to connect them to the hilts)
Basically, it's not too diffy to connect the epaulettes to the collar as you can use the Rondo-base and the three ends of the hilt.

Step 3: Cups

Very easy: Just make a pentagon from hourglass and bend it to one side, add sum small scales and connect to one small center-ring, add sum big scales to the five corners (use the triangles/corners) and you got the first layer to go on with scale-mail.
Kinda diffy: Arrange the scales around this circle in a hanging way, i dunno howto explain that. Just let it hang and experiment.

To connect the cups, i used simple flower-chain.

Now all you need is a method to bind the breast-line to set the cups into place. Therefore you need:
- sum chain to connect the cups: I used a simple B^3-triangle and one unit of Byzantine to each side. The third corner of the triangle can be used for sum pendant, no further use.
- sum chains to connect the cups and the back: Chain has to be close-fitting to the skin, which also means, you'll want to use a mostly flat weave to not hurt the gal. I used a key-ring for the center of the back, flower-chain with small rings and mini-carabines to the back-center-ring for closure.

Step 4: Back

Back: I made four strings from spiral-chain/small rings twisted in different ways and connected with two flower-parts (my own creation) in a trident form with scales - i used the rings between the scales to connect the spiral chains, the flowerparts are connected directly to the key-ring.
Make a new set of flower-parts and four additional spiral-chains. This time use mini-carabines to connect the flower-parts to the key-ring. Connect the the spiral-chains to the lower of the cups.

Step 5: Front Finish

Last step is simply to add scales between the the epaulettes and the cups and to connect them to the flowerchain that holds the cups. The only diffy part is when you get close to the cups and its circular surrounding scales - the further you "move" away from the flowerchain, the more you should try to arrange the scales more horizontally; the more you get closer to the flower chain, arrange them normally/vertically and/or let them overlap the cups' scales.

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    6 Discussions

    Your work is amazing!
    Would you mind sharing who the german seller is, where you buy the rings?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    is gar kein Problem: heisst Jens Otto, schick ihm ne Nachricht und n Gruß von mir und frag ihn nach nem Katalog: (bzw.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    That is seriously impressive, but is it...

    ... comfortable?
    ... cold?
    ... heavy?

    And I can't help thinking that there is a risk of nipping?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Wow! Excellent job on this, especially using materials that aren't really "soft."

    Great photography, too, BTW.