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This is somethin i had in mind lately. So i asked around in my circle of friends who wants to have sum and one of the juggler-girls said, yes, she'd love to have sum for upcoming shows.

I use technics from to design my stuff. So (almost) all parts/units, including tutorials on howto make them, can be found there.

As material i basicalley used aluminium scales, aluminium rings and brass rings:
Scales: 35mm length, 22mm width,1,3mm thickness
RIngs: 1,6mm gauge, Inner diameter: 11,52mm; 8,8mm; 7,6mm; 6,4mm.

Source: I get the stuff from a german seller, but i suppose, he gets the scales from TRL ( and resells them; my scales are being connected with the 8,8-rings, but i guess, there'll be similar provided by TRL.

Step 1: Front

The Cups:
I made the cups by using a double-pyramid-system, say, i connected scales in rows from top to bottom: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,6,5,4, then we removed the two inner-scales in the no.7-row.

I connected the cups with a "starfish-base unit" (11,52 center-ring; 6,4mm brass/alu) in the center: two ends are connected with the outer rings of the no.6-row, then we added two rings at each lower ends of the star with the rings of the lower no.5-row.
  For the neckholder we decided to use flower-chains (6,4; 8,8), alternating brass and aluminium rings for the flowers. Reason for flower chain is that she said that best would be to keep the chains flat as possible, so that it doesn't hurt when she leans on sth with her body.
The lower scale-chain consists of a simple chain (i call it "klokette": toilet-chain), simply connecting brass rings with alternating a scale or an aluminium ring; rings used here are the 8,8-rings again. The ends are connected sumwhere in the outer region of the lowest scale/ring-row.

The last photo shows my second scale-bra made with mainly black materials; if there are any questions about it, just ask.

Step 2: Back

For the back we used flower-chain again, but inserted a triangle at the center based on the star-fish base again: starfish-base has 15 rings connected to the center ring, so its easy to connected either 5 or 3 rings to form the ends to make either a starfish with 5 points or 3 points (triangle).
For the scale-chain i used a left-over Aura-chain (rings:  11,52 aluminium, 7,6 brass), and replaced the lower rings by scales  and connected the middle to the starfish-triangle and the ends to sum "flowers".

Then, for more comfort and becos the whole things' weight stresses the neckm we removed sum of the flower chain in the neck and replaced it by sum piece of gum string knotted to the flowerchain.



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    just btw. this is the last one i did (unsold, size EU 36 actually; there used to be a ribbon in the lower back to close - just didnt post it here, cos i didnt make any ible from it):


    yes, basically they're for sale. It just takes me 2 weeks to get the materials and rebuild them. Just contact me via email:

    I love the design. I'd love to try my hands at this, but at first glance the shipping cost for an order from The Ring Lord would most likely exceed the cost of the scales... Since I live in Germany, could you let me know where you got your scales from?

    Possibly could you post some pics of the back of the bra? (the ring side) Also amazing work from one mailler to another.

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    uploaded the requested pic The crossing in the middle basically is a "starfish base unit" (from, but as starfish-base uses 15 rings on each circle-level, that are divided into five 3-ring-spikes, i did it the other way by connecting three five-ring-spikes. To connect the chains to the crossing i use mini-carabiners and shorten the connector-chains.

    damn, i just realize that i got you wrong. um, whats so interesting about the inside of those bras? The scales are made with simple scale-weave-technic, say 4in1, just take double the amount of rings, make a long chain with scales and then push them together so that you can add new scales every second scale of the chain.
    The rest of the bra and its chains look the same way on the inside.
    How scale-mail looks like from the inside can be watched on under scales; the bra cups are plain weave, no interconnections to increase or decrease row-sizes. Just triangles and an additional row on the base; used ~100 scales per cup, base is 11 scales.

    I've watched the video and saw the pics before. I just wanted to see the surface area of the inside of cups... The person I'm making it for has... sensitive skin and I wanted to see if I needed to buy some fabric for the inside of the cups. Also I'm planning to add a euro 6 in 1 band across the bottom to close the gap so nothing fall out of the bottom. Also I'm working on a 36 D so I'll need more scales. What cup size approx. is the one you made?

    what does "36 D" mean? I wanted to make it cheap. so i took bout almost 100 scales per cup, that cost me 10 euros per cup - just added all numbers till i gut a sum of a lil bit lower than 100 (as adding is the way of the triangle, when you use 4in1 or scales): check the gal and compare her tits with what you need - it's not the biggest ones, maybe take 150 scales per cup instead, i dunno.

    I never used fabric for my chainmail. I thought bout using it when i make sum slips out of it, and, as you, i thought that it could hurt, if use it for cups, but there are only two things. i can tell: First (by experience): if you can close a ring perfectly, don't worry bout the crack from the boltie that cut the rings.
    Second. Trial and error. I never experienced error, so be optimistic and don't worry bout lesser painful techniques, if you don't really know, if you ever need them.
    Construct by making units - that's the best way to "take measure" anyways. I'm using a doll from taylorship, that can change measures and it really works fine.

    hm, that vid seems to be new, but it's crap imho. Take the two biggest rows, connect them and push them together like the vids first step and then just ad row by row. Yet if you dunno howto, take a piece of 4in1 and exchange half of the "rows" by scales: When building scalemail it's just connect a scale with to rings to two other scales - that makes only 2in1, but it gets 4in1 with the next row/layer.

    I dunno, if the idea of a band is such a good idea as the holes of the scales are evidentially above the end of each scale - it's as if there was a invisible line between the holes and your band - you'd have to lay the scales upon the band to connect the band and the scales.

    Scale weave/4in1 is kinda lose, so if you need interconnections, maybe better bend the weave and go further into trial and error to find out whats best for weaving around tits.

    Wow, that looks great. I suppose with enough patience a person could make a scaly lizard suit that way?

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    lizard suits are just using the simple basic scale-technic. Howto make it just check out and click on scales, there you can see a lizard suit and sum photos bout the back -side (where the scales are chained with rings) and sum technic to join scales within a weaved form so that it becomes tighter in sum parts of the suit.

    omg, im so happy i found this. This has carleyy halloween costume written all over it :)