Scan Negatives With a Flat Scanner, Computer, Legos, and a Light

Introduction: Scan Negatives With a Flat Scanner, Computer, Legos, and a Light

Do you have old negatives siting around your house? Want them digitally? 

This instructable will show you how you can scan negatives without a film scanner.

Step 1: Scaning

Build a simple light tight lego box with a square hole in the center big enough for the negetive to be seen completely threw it

Put the negative on the scanner and place the lego box above it, centering the desired frame with the out line of the box

Then take a light ( i used my ipod with a flash light app but a flash light should work)

Then from the computer scan, and then open up the image in microsoft paint or another software that can invert colors 

Step 2: Ediiting

With the image in paint select the frame and right click, then there is the option "invert", click it and your image is digitalized.  

This works with color film but if any one knows how to do this and keep the color, would you please comment it?

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very helpful, I've been looking for a way to do this with a normal flat bed scanner.