Scanned Hands Long Board Holder




Introduction: Scanned Hands Long Board Holder

This was a project that my son asked me to put a hook on the wall for his long board. Well instead off a hook, I scanned in his hands, printed them, and mounted them to a nice back plate to then mount on the wall. The end result is much better than a hook.

Step 1: Step 1. Scanning in the Hands

For this you will need access to a scanning system. depending on the level of detail, the type of scanner you can get access to might be difficult to do a high detail project with. Lucky for me, I am in the industry and have a 7 Axis Romer arm with a Perceptron V4i scan head. the end result is a very high resolution and accurate scan of the hands.

To start with, we needed to get the right curve shape for the wheels to sit in. to do this we just held the board by the wheels to get a good idea of how the position of the hands should be for the scanning. We then scanned in his hands curved in that position.

From there, I used Geomagic Studio software to fill in small areas between the fingers, and clean up the model to make it a watertight mesh.

Step 2: Designing the Final Hand Models

After cleaning up the .stl mesh model, I then put it in the correct position as I wanted it mounted to the wall. Then added a 5/8 thread to the design so that it would print with the threads already in it.

Step 3: Segmenting the Fingers

Due to the curvature of the fingers, I was concerned that without printing support material the fingers would not print well. so I decided to section 3 of the fingers and add some tabs to align them and add strength when bonding them back together.The hands were printed with an ABS material, and used a mixture of ABS and Acetone to create the glue for the fingers.

I used my awesome

Step 4: Creating the Other Hand.

I cheated and mirrored the first hand.

End result was great.

Step 5: Monting to Plate

To be creative i used a 1/8 thick piece of aluminum I had and drilled it out for the correct spacing for the hands to be apart based on his long board. I also added 2 countersunk screws to hold the aluminum plate to the board, not really needed, but it keeps it from shifting.

I then cut and stained the oak mounting board as well and used the aluminum holes as a template for the wood pattern. I added a slot in the center on the back for a mounting plate, and attached that piece in place. (was lazy so used my drill to make this slot.)

I added a counter bore in the back of the board to hold the 5/8 bolt head and used the 5/8 bolt as the tightening and fastening of the hands, aluminum plate and the mounting board. I added 4 foam pieces to act as a cushion against the wall to keep it tighter.

Finally with the hands mounted (just past finger tight) it was ready to hang on the wall.

Step 6: Mount It on the Wall

Mark the wall for your screws, and use drywall inserts if it is not on a stud.

Hang and watch the other kids expressions when they see it.



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    wow, cool

    That looks awesome!

    good good....

    Looks so cool ;)

    I do not have access to a 3d scanner but I would like to make this. Could you share your .stl files with me/us?

    Thanks! :)

    Hahah looks like the coolest cruiser on the block!


    3 years ago

    I'm so voting this! The final product looks AMAZING! =D

    Total win! This is awesome. This is the best longboard hanger I have ever seen. Well done.

    did something like this a few years ago for a friend, but used it as a hat hanger. didnt have access to a 3d printer, tho, had to use silicone as a mold and plaster of paris as the mold material. love how far technology has come lately

    Very creative, end result looks great & functional, congrats!

    For those who have not a 3d printer or just want to save time, I think you can use mannequin hands, I bought two for Eur 3 (about 4 USD) from a junk shop owner...

    Clever idea bit stl files would have actually made this instructable useful to other people ;)

    This is pretty awesome! I especially like how you designed the fingers as separately assembled and attached them later instead of printing as 1 piece with support. For some reason many people seem to get it stuck in their heads that everything must be printed as a single part. Hopefully you are considering sharing the file for those of us who don't have superior scanners. Awesome first instructable, welcome to the community!

    Cool project and impressive use of scanning!

    Now, you NEED to make a scanned hands toilet paper holder

    1 reply

    this is actually on my to -do list. I have the scanning part done, just working on the final design.