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Introduction: Scantron Wallet

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need a use for all of those old scantrons, than make this, you'll need 2 scantrons

Step 1: Step 1

Stack one on top of the other, blue side up, thing that kind of looks like a bar code on top

Step 2: Step2

fold the bottom of both of the scantrons up so they cover the column with the D in it

Step 3: Step 3

fold the left so the edge covers 44, fold the right so it covers 16, tape it all

Step 4: Finish It All

fold the top so the edge lines up with the numbers, fold it in half, you're done! <()< <()> >()>

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    Scantrons piss me off. In my sophomore year of high school, I swear the teachers were having a contest on who could waste the most scantrons. I have TONS of those stupid things lying around, so needless to say, I'll be doing some creative folding tonight! Kiitos!


    13 years ago on Introduction