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Introduction: Scarecrow Halloween Mask

I wish I could have taken enough pictures and steps for people to follow. I got burlap fabric at JoAnn's, it's itchy so I used liquid latex to line the inside of the mask. I cut it into pieces to form the shape of my face, and once all the pieces were done, I put them together on my face. Since they already have liquid latex on them, they kinda stick together easy but you will still want to put more of the liquid where the seams meet to hold stronger. Once you do that, you can add black string to a sewing needle and do what I did, sew the seems together for an awesome stitch look. Add fake blood for desired effect, and don't forget to paint your eyes and mouth black.

I used Ben Nye Liquid Latex - Natural Rubber Adhesive (4 fl. oz./118 mi.) to coat the inside layer of the mask (3/4 of the bottle did it for me). Use an old paint brush but not something too big that will absorb the liquid latex. I used one like this ( It does have ammonia in it so I suggest doing it in a well ventilated area. Also, some people use powder after the latex dries to keep it from sticking to each other. Maybe some baby powder can help.

I used Blood Scab, which is thicker than that regular runny stuff most stores sell, i just took this picture and the blood still looks real and wet.

I looked at an old hooded sweatshirt to get the idea of how the burlap would wrap around my head. I sewed it from the top.

To get that thick string look, take black string and fold it a couple of times, enough for it to fit through the eye of a needle.

Just found this website with cheap contact lenses if anyone wants those too. look for Manson contacts

One last thing, i used some rope to tie around my neck and found some straw that I stuck into the mask.

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Thanks again for the awesome creativity and inspiration !


One more


Here's one


Just wanted to say how inspiring your mask was. I knew I wanted to do it 6-8 months before Halloween! Here's my version. Turn him into a steampunk scarecrow

I've been searching around for DIY burlap masks and this is one of the best I've seen so far. I just had a couple questions. Did you cut the face sections out of the burlap you used to wrap around your head, or a different section of burlap then attach it to the main mask section? also was there more of an advantage cutting separate facial pieces and piecing them together on the mask, versus draping the burlap over your head, having someone outline where your eyes/nose/mouth is and the cutting those areas out?

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Wow, sorry for the super late reply ShimmyxJimmy, I'm not on this site often and I check it when I get an email letting me know that someone posted a question. I must have missed the email, my apologies.
I bought a yard of burlap, that was more than enough to cover my face. I used what was left over to create the separate face sections. The advantage I saw is that it fit my face better, instead of looking like I just had a potato sack over my head.
You can use an old shirt or pieces of paper to map out your face, and then use those as stencils to cut the pieces out of burlap. Again, sorry for the late reply.

Does the liquid latex on the inside of the mask dry so it doesn't stick to your face? And does the liquid latex eventually wear off to the point wear I would have to apply more to keep the burlap from itching my face? Thanks!

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The latex should not wear off, if any areas of the mask are itchy, add more liquid latex. Once it dries, it shouldn't stick to your face, but I read people rub baby powder onto the dry liquid latex to keep it from sticking to itself or your face.

for some reason it wont let me upload the photo

If you use liquid latex, the pieces stick together at the seams. Then you can thread a needle and sew them for a stronger hold. You can add extra stitches around the mask to make it look creepier.

I'd love to see you make more instructables if I could i would share the mask

thank you i like this i think i have a base for Halloween

This looks so cool, and scary, especially with the wild contacts.