Paracord Scarf Hanger

Introduction: Paracord Scarf Hanger

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This is simple and inexpensive scarf holder to make with limited tools. You can hang this from the back of a door, a wall or hang it from the ceiling. The scarfs hang at different length so you can see your scarfs easier and gives it a nice look. I used paracord becuase it looks cool. If you would like it to look even nicer you could paint or get differnt rings for the scarfs to go threw. I just used shower curtain ring. Then using some basic knots, cutting, and tieing you have your scarf holder. This one holds 12 scarfs you add as many as you would like or less.

here's a cool scarf

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Step 1: Supplies and Tools

To make this all you need is

shower curtain rings

paracord or chain loop



and scarfs to put in it

Step 2: Making

To make this take your paracord and cut how ever many scarf loops your going to use. I ranged the length of these from about 8 inches to 12 inches. These could change if you would like to make them shorter or longer depending on the space you where you put it. I left a little extra paracord for the knot to be tied. Use your sissors to cut your paracord to length, then use your lighter to sinch the end of the paracord. I also trimmed the extra paracord from the knot. After you do this with all your rings I took the other end and lined them all up the same. Holding them tight I then tried a different string of paracord around all them and made it tight tied the knot, cut the access paracord. When i did this i made sure to make a spot that will allow it to hang on something.

Step 3: Hanging

Once it is a tied together add your scarfs by putting them threw the rings. If you have a hook on the door you can simply hook it on the hand have them rest on the door. Otherwise if you have room add a hook to the ceiling and hang it in a closet or corner of a room.

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