Scariest Video Game Easter Eggs Ever (with Instructions)

Introduction: Scariest Video Game Easter Eggs Ever (with Instructions)

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So, everybody knows that most media has hidden secrets. and some of these are a little but frightening. So today I will be naming the top three scariest Mario franchise Easter eggs of all time.

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Step 1: Don't Look Now, Your'e Being Watched!

Okay, so in Super Mario Galaxy you can travel to different, you got it! Galaxys. first travel to the Shiverburn  Galaxy and when you are in the canyon, use first-person and look at the top of the hill. Yep, three mysterious figures watching you very closely. Hackers have used flying hacks to get a better look the tall slender figures, but then they suddenly disappear.

Step 2: It's a Bird! a Plane! It's, a UFO?

In Super Mario 3D Land, on level 1-3 you can use the binoculars to zoom into toad and he barfs the first star medal. And if you look up and wait about 45 seconds you will see a UFO make its way across the screen and then put the pedal to the metal and zoom off. so,e think it's Rosalina checking in on her friends, but me, I think differently... 

Step 3: Kodama Lama Ding Dong!

And last but certainly not least, the figure in the woods! This one has me scared to stare out of windows at night! in super mario 3D land on any boo house, once you enter the courtyard with the flag, go past it and stand on the fence post and wait about 45 seconds. Then a mysterious figure will appear out of the mist. Everybody including me thinks it is as Kodama spirit seeing as they live in trees. Also if you jump its jaw will open and will become brighter and then fade out. And thats all for today! Please comment! 

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