Scary Eye Following Portrait

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I will be showing how to take a regular photo and turn it into a painting like portrait with eyes that will follow you around. this was sparked by a dragon paper craft I saw in which the head of the dragon would appear to follow you no matter how you moved it would follow. I have replicated that with my slime monster and now this portrait which will be showing you how I did it. It's very simple and i have included a pdf with the eyes and portrait.

all done with photoshop cs6 and pepakura.

Step 1: Isolate and Painting

You will have to have a straight on portrait of this will really work; start by using the pen tool and erasing the back ground, do any color curves or layer adjustments needed, and make two duplicates of the original layer  . The most top layer will be run through cut out with the settings 8 0 3 and then hit okay. Turn off the top layer then on the second using the mixer brush tool  "Round Curve Low Bristle Percent" brush then Ctrl click the layer and start painting while sampling the colors of the picture by holding ALT and click on the the picture. Change the brush size if need be. then lower the opacity of the top layer and using the same mixer brush mix the top layer to get smooth edges. then merege

Step 2: Removing the Eyes

With the pen tool remove the inside of the eye from the model. Position the new eyes under to judge the size to see for adjustments. 

Step 3: Cutting and Gluing

Print the eyes and model out then cut both out, leave room at the neck for the frame just in case you need more room. Using an 8X10 shadow box case  i glue special card stock that can be found at hobby lobby for $1.50, I add hot glue to the edges of the backing panel an then lay it on the paper and press. after the hot glue has dried cut the extra paper off. Then glue the eyes together then glue them to the back make sure to line them up and put a dab of glue on the cones and place the whole thing on the background making sure it is lined up. with the edges then glue the bottom of the model then press it down at the edge of a table and cut the extra off. 

Now place into the case and hang then you are done please rate and comment :D please ask any question.



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    1 year ago

    Too cool!! Thx again!!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Fantastic! I'm going to do this. Seeing this confirms that I don't know what I don't know. This is great.

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