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today I will teach you how to make a simple but realistic eye.

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Step 1: Get Set Go!!!

Take a white ping pong ball and wash it well. Clean it with a cloth, so that it’s dirt can go away.

Step 2: Now the Journey Starts!

As soon as you have finished with cleaning the ball now it’s time to paint!!!

Take your ball and paint it’s one hemisphere with red colour. Here I am using red nail polish and red tube colour for colouring.

As soon you are ended with colouring your sweet little ball, let it dry.

Step 3: The Hemisphere

If your ball hemisphere has dried out then, put a small cotton on it. Now start painting it with red colour by pressing on Cotton gently.(I have painted the cotton with nail polish)

Now make small ropes of cotton and put it on the red hemisphere as shown in picture. Now start painting it with red colour by pressing on Cotton ropes gently.(I have painted the cotton ropes with nail polish). This will look like the nerves inside our eyes.

Step 4: Setting Up the Base

Now let your ball dry. Now start drawing or sketching your iris . This depends totally on you that what colour you like to have.

After drawing, collect some thin pieces of red yarn and some thick as well as Some long pieces.

Step 5: Now Your Eye Is Almost Ready!

In this picture paste your iris, thin yarn on front just like shown in the picture.

Now paste the long yarn on the bask side that is the other hamisphere where you have painted red.

Step 6: Here’s the Final Touch!

To make it more realistic, I have added a juice of pomegranate and beet root.

I have taken a plate and covered it with two napkins. There I have placed the eye with a knife. Now poured some juice on it.

Now it’s ready!

Now your decoration is ready!!!!

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    1 year ago

    Very nice idea .


    1 year ago

    Very nice idea to scare people while eating