Scary Eyes



Introduction: Scary Eyes

I had read about an idea of using a toilet paper roll and a glow stick to make a scary eyed decoration to put in a bush but I didn't like the idea of using a new glow stick every night plus I wanted something waterproof and big so I came up with this.

Here are the parts needed.

  • Transparent plastic bottle – CLEAR 1 Liter
  • Duct tape – Camouflage, Green or Black
  • Aluminum Duct Tape
  • Small Yard Solar Light
  • Green, White or Red Tissue Paper
  • Eye Template – Downloaded

Step 1: Cut One End Off Bottle

Cut off the end with the cap and remove the plastic label. Rinse and dry the inside.

Step 2: Tape the Template to the Bottle

  1. Use clear tape and tape it to the outside.
  2. Then cut out the inside of the eyes where the light will shine through.
  3. Tape the duct tape to the outside being careful not to cover the opening.

Step 3: Cover the Rest of the Bottle With the Aluminum Tape

Cover the rest of the bottle with the Aluminum tape. With my really large hands I struggled to cover the inside and on the third one realized it works just as good to cover the bottle from the outside. duhhhh.

Step 4: Cover the Aluminum Tape With Your Outside Tape. Cut Out the Hole.

  1. I used black tape. Next time I'll use camouflage or green duct tape.
  2. Cut out the hole for the solar light. It does not have to be exact since you'll use plenty of tape to tape the light up.

Step 5: Add the Mini Solar Yard Light

  • Remove the orange tape to activate the battery.
  • Push the light in the hole.
  • Tape it up so no water gets in.

Step 6: Here Is What the Eyes Look Like.

Here is what the eyes look like in the light and dark. And here is a template I made.

Step 7:

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