Scary Halloween Apple Mouths




Halloween is coming, you will probable have you house ready to put up props and set up decor but do you have food? real food?

If you don't have "real food" and your looking for something healthy then this instructable is for you!

I got inspiration form scrolling though the Uppermost Chef: Apples Challenge, and saw JM1999 Apple and peanut butter mouth (view it hear) and I decided to make one of my own.

Step 1: What Apples to Buy?

One apple will make four mouths, depending on what apples you chose the more realistic they will be, you will want to get the most uneven apples (the more uneven the more realistic).

As seen above there many shapes, sizes and colors of apples, you will be looking for the largest apples and most uneven.

Step 2: Tools You Will Need

you will need a tray of some sort to serve the apples on.

A hand full of sunflower kernels (the inside of a sunflower seed)

A ceramic knife* (if you don't have a ceramic knife then you will need a lemon as well)

And last but not least apples!

*in the first photo on the left is a apple cut with a steak knife and after 10 minutes it has browned a bit the photo on the right has been cut with a ceramic knife (the browned line is a small flap of apple) and after 1 hour it has browned just a bit more, I bought my kyocera ceramic knife almost 8 years ago and it still cuts tomatoes cleanly

kyocera clams that it holds it's edge up to 15 times longer (and I am not about to go against it!) if you dont have one I would recommend one, find them here

I could make this step go ages so I am going to stop here and let you go to the website and find out for your self.

Step 3: Cut, Chop and Slice

first what you going to do is chop the apple in to quarters and cut the seeds out.

you just need to get rid of the seeds and a little bit of the seed casing then cut about half an inch in (it is harder to ad then trim) parallel with the back of the apple then meet you cut about a quarter of an inch up, remove the slice and make another cut at 70 degrees (yes I am getting technical but to get the perfect apple mouth you have to be precise) making another small slice.

the last two image shows you what what happens if you cut two deep, if you cut a big V so you remove all of the seed casing the end result will have a hole in it.

Step 4: Decoration Time

Time to put some sunflower kernels in, you want to get a kernel and put the pointy end in the apple leaving a fair bit out, you decide how many you want to put in.

well done you made it to the end!!
plate them up and serve them as a appetizer or as a sank

Other options before you put the teeth in you can add jam, jelly, peanut butter.... BUT the only drawback is that will make it unhealthy :(

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    4 years ago

    my son's class loved these at their halloween party! great idea!!!

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    Nice job, I hope you get a 3 month PRO membership, my system fell over on my last featured 'ible.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the suggestion, I all ready have done.

    I made sure that was applicable before posting it ;)