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Transform a toy doll into the creepiest baby witch doctor. Perfect for a horror movie prop, haunted house, or scaring your Halloween guests.

What you will need:

A toy doll of your choice (check out some thrift shops to save money)

Apoxie Sculpt


X-Acto Knife

Masking Tape

Loctite Transparent Adhesive or Krazy Glue or some kind of thin strong adhesive

Clear Matte Spray (I used Rust Oleum 280703 American Accents Ultra Cover 2X Spray Paint, Matte Clear)

Black Acrylic paint (spray paint works too)

Crackle Medium (I used FolkArt 694 2-Ounce Crackle Medium)

Other acrylic paints that will be the skin color (I used blues, grays, earthy greens and yellow ochre)

Paint Brushes (A few wide ones or large areas and a few small ones for details)

Materials for Accessories


Natural Raffia


Loctite Transparent Adhesive or Krazy Glue


Hemp Twine

Tooth Beads


Hemp Twine

Earthy Beads including a few stones


Lightly painted wood stick (This helps it stand up on its own)

Arrow Head

Natural Raffia


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Step 1: Eyes

Cut off eyelashes and use Loctite Transparent Adhesive to keep them open. Use masking tape to cover the eyes.

Step 2: Apoxie Sculpt

This step is key because it makes the doll unique and not just a painted doll. Follow the directions on the Apoxie Sculpt containers. Use it took emphasize the mouth, eyes, nose and eyebrows. The sunken in eyes are my favorite part of this doll. You can use it to add warts, scabs or anything else you want to add to the doll to make it look more grotesque. It is easy to mold and will harden and stick to almost any surface.

Side Note: If you like sculpting and/or altering found objects I highly recommend you try Apoxie Sculpt.

Step 3: Priming the Body

With the masking tape protecting the eyes, spray the entire doll with a Clear Matte Spray and let the doll dry. This is a SUPER important step because the paint will peel right off without the Matte.

Step 4: Black Paint Plus Crackle Medium

Cover the entire doll with a coat of black acrylic or spray paint. Let dry. Cover entire doll with Crackle Medium for Acrylic Paint. Let dry.

Step 5: Painting

Get your acrylic paint, some small sponges and some brushes out. I used blues, grays, earthy greens and yellow ochre. Don't use water! Cover the body a thin layer of these colors to make the doll look zombie-like. The crackle layer will let some of the black layer show through, making it look weathered. Use black acrylic on the hair and it will stick up. Use a small band to tie it up. Let dry.

Step 6: Accessories

Cut and glue natural raffia around the body to look like a skirt. Make a loin cloth out of a piece of canvas. Make a belt using hemp twine and tooth beads and glue on to the body to keep it from moving/falling. Make a beaded necklace with antique looking beads and glue into place. Tie and arrowhead to the top of a thin wood pole or stick with the raffia and glue them in place. Use the staff to provide extra balance for the doll.

Let adhesive dry, take the tape off the eyes and be amazed at the beautifully grotesque doll you just made!

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    2 years ago

    thanks for the tip about Apoxy Sculpt, it was really helpful❤❤


    3 years ago

    I made a creepy doll as well for this halloween, not qiute as intricate as yours .. three steps only .. i started with spraying super cheap doll with two coats of white car paint then painted some holes and cracks with black acrylic paint using skewer and finally sprayed it with a protective layer

    the doll is laughing when you push her back which makes it even more creepy and Im so looking forward to terrifying loads of kids this year :D

    Penolopy Bulnick

    3 years ago

    That turned out really creepy-looking. Nice job :)


    3 years ago

    Have to say it this doll it's disturbing, nice job good luck in the contest

    1 reply