Scenic Seaside Painting

I created a beautiful scenic seaside painting that reminds me of a tranquil place I'd like to be and hope to see one day. I used very simple techniques which created this pretty painting.

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Step 1:

If you'd like to create your own masterpiece:

Cover your table with newspaper to protect it from the paint.

Set up your canvas.

Gather various types of paint brushes (they do not have to be expensive) and stand them up in a cup of water because the brushes should be wet.

Have multiple water paint colors and a paint pallet nearby.

Make sure to have paper towels for dabbing the brushes.

I used a "fan" paint brush to create the whispy clouds - first with blue paint, and then white.

Then, I used a large brush and painted the water using wide strokes of blue.

After, I went in with light strokes of white and yellow accents to create waves and reflections of the sun.

After that, I used dark grey to create the mountains and finished with accents of white to create mountain peaks.

Outline the roofs of the houses and shade in the walls and colors.

I believe I had the most fun creating the trees and bushes in various shades of green, white, yellow and black - with a bit of red.

Some yellow and brown for the dirt road and there you have it! Your own masterpiece!

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    6 weeks ago

    Came out great! I would of love to have seen more photos from your process :)