Scent-Repressing Storage Container


Introduction: Scent-Repressing Storage Container

This instructable demonstrates how to build a scent-concealing storage container, intended to subdue the smell of the object(s) that it contains. This is an extremely simple instructable, but so far it seems to be quite effective. I've been testing it for several days now, and the scent of the object is nearly undetectable to the average human nose.

Step 1: Materials

You will need: -Smelly Object -Quart-sized plastic ziplock bag -Rubber-band(s) -Silica gel packet(s) -Zippable glasses case or pencil case, or similar small container -Gallon-sized plastic ziplock bag (optional) WARNING: The ingestion or consumption of a silica gel packet or its contents can result in sickness or death. Keep all silica gel and silica gel packets and all similar substances out of the reach of children, animals, and the mentally disabled. Be sure to properly dispose of silica gel. Under no circumstances should a silica gel packet be opened or ruptured. DISCLAIMER: BY CONTINUING TO VIEW THIS INSTRUCTABLE, YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THE ABOVE INFORMATION AND FOLLOWING INFORMATION, AND THAT YOU RELEASE THE AUTHOR OF THIS INSTRUCTABLE FROM ALL LIABILITY AND RESPONSIBILITY REGARDING HARM (PHYSICAL, MENTAL, EMOTIONAL, OR OTHERWISE) TO YOURSELF OR OTHER PEOPLE, ANIMALS, OR OTHER LIVING CREATURES; DEATH; DESTRUCTION, DAMAGE, OR LOSS OF PROPERTY; CONVICTIONS; ARRESTS; LOSS OF WEALTH; DAMAGE TO REPUTATION; ALL OTHER UNDESIRED CONSEQUENCES RELATED TO OR UNRELATED TO THIS INSTRUCTABLE OR AS A RESULT OF CONTINUING TO VIEW THIS INSTRUCTABLE.

Step 2: Bundle It Up

Bundle up the smelly object by placing it in a quart-sized plastic ziplock bag, sealing the bag, rolling it up, and wrapping one or more rubber-bands around the rolled-up ziplock bag.

Step 3: Pack It Up With Silica Gel

Pack the bundle you made in the precious step into the glasses case (or another similar container) along with one or more silica gel packet(s).

Step 4: Seal It Up

Close, zip, or otherwise seal the chosen container. For added scent-concealment, place the chosen object in a gallon-sized ziplock bag, and proceed by wrapping up the gallon-sized ziplock bag with rubber-bands, creating a bundle as in Step 2.



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    7 Discussions

    Well, activated carbon is a great way to odor control as silica get is just for moisture control and not for odor control and it can be use anywhere in mobile storage units or any storage containers.

    It's not intended to fool a dog's nose.

    Silica gel is only for moisture control not odor control. For odor control you need to try activated carbon (easily found in water filters). That still ain't gonna fool a dog nose.

    A bottle of perfume, for instance. I have a bottle of perfume from my ex-girlfriend that is so strong that it makes my entire room smell like it. There's an example for you. It would also certainly be useful for hiding weed.

    This is for weed. What could you possibly need to "scent proof" a container for besides hiding drugs?

    Of course not. This is intended to subdue the smell for human noses. There's not much you can do to get around a dog's sense of smell, other than feed the dog cheese. Even attempting to mask the scent with something far more pungent would not be able to trick a canine because they can smell in stereo and can break down all of the components of a scent.

    That's not going to pass a K9 search.