Scented Flower Perfume Bottle

Introduction: Scented Flower Perfume Bottle

mostly every one likes perfume and flowers. so i think this will be the good gift for anyone special.

for making it we need
-satin cloth
-green tape
-adhesive tape
-paper tape
-perfume bottle ( i have taken 2 ml bottle )
-white adhesive
-semolina/ vari rice ( to make pollens)

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Step 1:

apply white adhesive on the back of satin cloth (you can brush it)
let it dry
it may need much time. you can keep it overnight
this will make satin cloth strong and it won't loose threads on cutting

now according to perfume bottle size draw 3 small petals, 3 medium petals and 5 big petals
and cut them
apply little perfume on the petals

Step 2:

now cut a piece of white paper from paper roll and put it on bottom of the perfume bottle
apply white adhesive (only bottom area) and put semolina/ vari rice on it.
they will look like white pollen grains

Step 3:

now take small petal and stick it on adhesive tape as shown in photo
now wrap that tape on bottle as shown in the picture
wrap all small petals (3) around bottle
refer photo

Step 4:

now add all medium petals (3) in between small petals

Step 5:

now add all 5 big petals on the perfume bottle
refer photo

Step 6:

finally pt green tape to cover adhesive tape
you may put green tape on the bottle's cap too

scented flower perfume bottle is ready

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