Schedule Organization for College Students

Introduction: Schedule Organization for College Students

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Ever go out and buy a planner, only to either lose it or forget about it? I have tried many times to use planners, but I never stick to them. Then I found a solution: Use a dry erase board! Get some Command strips and hang it on the wall. Make sure to get one big enough that you can fit everything you need (I got one similar to that from the link posted under Step 1).

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Step 1: Buy Dry Erase Board

Buy a dry erase board, such as the one in this link from Walmart:

Step 2: Buy Markers

Get markers that you find appealing. I color-code my board. Getting multiple colors makes it easy to stay organized and to easily go to homework due dates, extra-curricular activities, etc.

Step 3: Hang It Up!

After you have bought the supplies, they don't do you much good without hanging up the board! (This is where the previously mentioned Command Strips come into play). If you live on campus, chances are you are not allowed to put tacks, nails, etc. in the walls. On our campus, students are encouraged to use Command strips. I moved off campus, but continue to use them. That should tell you how great of a help they are!

Step 4: Divide and Conquer

I have my board divided in two: One side for extra activities, and one side for school and work. This can help you stay even more organized (and prioritized).

Step 5: Keep It Up-to-Date!

I keep a week's worth of stuff on my board at one time. Then, usually on Sunday night, I erase the previous week's stuff and write what will be going on that week. (By the way, if you have online classes with due dates on Sundays, it is a good idea to start your board with Monday and go through Sunday, rather than Sunday through Saturday).

Step 6: Stay on Top of Things!

If you follow these easy steps, you should be able to keep on top of your assignments, social activities, and work schedule without a problem!

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    Wow that's such a great tip, and it's probably so great that everything is color coordinated. I bet it can really help get through a tough time in the semester. Welcome to instructables!