School Bus Children's Costume


Introduction: School Bus Children's Costume

Materials- cardboard, exact-o knife, hot glue, glue stick, colored paper (red, yellow and black)

(all windows will be 2" down from the top of the pieces)

We started by cutting out 2 cardboard pieces that are 18" by 18". Now we cut a long window on both of the 18" by 18" pieces that is 4" by 10".

Step 1: Step 2

And then we cut out another piece that is 24" by 18". Afterwards, cut out 4" by 4" windows.

Step 2: Step 3

We layed out the pieces in order to make our bus in the shape of a box.

Step 3: Step 4

And then we glued those pieces together.

after we made straps and glued them so the box can hang from your shoulders

Step 4: Final Product

We used colored paper so that the bus actually looks like a bus.



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    That's a really cute idea :)