School Fundraising Ideas



Introduction: School Fundraising Ideas

Let's face it,school fundraisers give all the chills...I already have a tight scedule so I really don't have much extra time or energy for extra stuff like fundraisers!

Here is a view ideas to help you:

  • Put marshmallows on a food stick and dip the ends in melted chocolate and you can even dip in sprincles afterwards. Put in a cupcake holder.
  • Make Rice Krispies (or popcorn) shapes/balls:
    • 3 1/2 desert spoon butter/margarine
    • 40 marshmallows cut into pieces
    • 6 cups rice crispies/ popcorn
    • 1 bar one cut into pieces (optional)
    • pinch of salt
      • Melt butter and salt.
      • Put marshmallow pieces in while sturring.
      • Mix rice cripsies into the melted marshmallow mix and then the bar one pieces.
      • Put in a prepared pan (brushed with oil/margarine).
      • Cut out with hand or shape cutters and put in cupcake holders
  • Make cup cakes to fit the theme. Here's my extremely easy chocolate/vanilla microwave recipe -
      • 250 ml flour
      • 250 ml sugar
      • 2 ml salt
      • 10 ml baking powder
      • 50g/100ml cacao powder (replace with 115 ml corn flower (mazina) for vanilla)
      • 5 ml coffee powder (leave out for vanilla)
      • 60 ml oil
      • 2 eggs
      • 5 ml flavouring
      • 250 ml luke warm water
        • Mix dry all ingredients together and place in microwave prepared pan (brushed with oil/margarine).
        • Put on high for 8 minutes for a cake or 5-6 min for cupcakes.
    • Easy triffles:
      • Make the above-mentioned cake. When cooled off, brake into crumps. Mix can caramel or bowl chocolate(any flavour) icing to form balls. Roll in sprincles/nut sprincles. Put in cupcake holder.
  • I made some nice boxes. You can design your own using Word/Excel/Paint/Pepakura or you can download on Pinterest. Just make sure about the usage rights. ;-)

Good LUCK!

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    4 years ago

    I like the marshmallow idea. It's so simple and cost effective!