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Step 1: White T-shirt

I found this white t-shirt at Old Navy for a few dollars

Step 2: Floral Shirt

I found this floral shirt at Savers for a couple dollars

Step 3: Sweater/cardigan

This sweater/cardigan is my mom's that she used to wear in high school! Which was like 30 years ago.....

Step 4: Jeans

I found these jeans at Savers for like five dollars. When I first got them, they were like bell bottom, but I took them in.

Step 5: Shoes

These are the Vans shoes from the Vans store in the mall. They are a bit pricy too. I found these for $45 at the University Mall in Orem, UT

Step 6: Wavy Hair

I chose to have a wavy hair style with this outfit, cuz it shows that it's a cute and comfy outfit.

I hope you like it and it helps if you are struggling to choose what to wear!!!
(Cuz that happens to me ALL the time...)

Step 7: Earrings

I chose these floral earrings to go with the floral shirt. I found these at a boutique in Pleasant Grove, UT. they were a $5 for 3 pairs.



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