Schoolhouse Chalkboard Art Desk




Introduction: Schoolhouse Chalkboard Art Desk

I made this desk after realizing my kids had way too many art supplies and no where to put them. go to the headboard and footboard from an old captain bed no dining room table chairs we did not use any more.

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Step 1: Supplies / Tools

1. Headboard with shelves
2. foot board for the desktop.
3. 2 x dining chairs or anything with legs on it that you're not going to use anymore.
4. Drill and drill bit accessories.
5. Sandpaper and chalkboard spray paint.( In black or green it is up to you)
I used black.

Step 2: Deconstruction and Assembly


Start by cutting the legs off the headboard right up to where they meet the top of the board the part of the shelving units on it. Now set this aside will come back to it later. the foot board I used was just a board that attach the rails to it so it really had nothing on in other than some sanding I had to do. Next I used 2 dining room chairs that had the back broken on them. I took the sheets off of them by him screwing them from the bottom save these screws will need them later. then I went and cut the back so right to wear the right where they met the seat. you can keep these pieces or throw them away if you don't want them .
Assembly time.
now it is time to build your art desk.

First take whatever you you have chosen to be your desktop and lay it flat across the two parts of the chairs making sure that the ends line up and its flushing level Nick screw your desktop to the chair legs using the screws you said from the seat when you disassemble the chairs.

Now you can sand at this point before you add the top of the shelving unit. or you can wait and sand it all at the end like I did .

Next we have the top shelving unit going in through the bottom shelves were going to screw ride into the desktop two screws per side should hold it securely in place. So for now you should have something that resembles a desk with a shelving unit on top.
At this point I went ahead and send it all down from the chair legs to the desktop to the shelving unit on top once you have send it all down. you're going to want to take a wet cloth and wipe across then pull up any leftover sending does that you may have accumulated.

Step 3: Finishing and Painting

after sanding I went to Michaels the art store . and picked up a can of Krylon black chalkboard spray paint and I sprayed the entire unit down it's going to take at least two coats of this if not more to make it a perfect finish I'm not quite done with it. So this is just this is just a final picture that I have for this instructable I will update it when its fully complete.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    What a great idea! I like how it looks with the black chalkboard paint. Thanks for sharing and I hope we see more from you in the future!