Schools Use Unblocked Games Weebly Site to Provide Kids With a Break From Studies

The pressure of studies in schools has been increasing constantly. The kids are feeling this pressure to such an extent that the cases of kids suffering from nervous breakdowns and other health ailments have been on a rise. The extra curriculum activities that are provided at these schools play an important role in reducing this stress level. It is important that these extra curriculum activities are so designed that they provide joy and pleasure to the kids. In this regard, online games have started to play an important role. There are many sites which provide a wide range of these unblocked games. Weebly is one such popular website.

Unblocked Games Weebly Provide Relief For Kids

More and more schools are providing computer facility for their students in order to ensure that the kids stay updated with this technology which has assumed immense importance in today’s world. Students are required to mainly use these computer systems for educational purposes only. In additional to this purpose, kids are allowed to use the computers for playing certain unblocked games, but only in their free time. Kids are granted permission to download unblocked games from Weebly and other similar sites which have a collection of good educational games for kids. The main reason for allowing this permission to the kids is to ensure that the kids get a break from the pressure of the studies and are able to have a fun and joyful time during their recess.

Various Forms Of Unblocked Games

Schools generally block the sites of the games which they feel are unsuitable for the kids. Once the sites have been blocked, the kids will not be able access these sites or the game links provided in these sites by any means. In some other cases, however, limited access may be provided to the certain games. There are certain games which are partially suitable for the kids. The schools may decide to provide limited access to the kids for these sites. But, the problem that the schools face is that once internet connectivity is made available to the kids, it is very difficult to really control the content that the kids access through it. Internet is full of options for free game downloads from thousands of sites. In many cases, download of the game is not even required. If you have a running internet connection, one can play these games live on their computer system. Stopping this is a big problem for the schools.

Safeguards Adopted By Schools

The most basic and necessary precaution which schools use is the installation of a strong firewall software. These firewalls ensure that no unwanted programs get run in the school system. Installation of these firewall software also becomes necessary because many internet sites carry various malicious viruses which can cause the school to lose important data or in a worst case scenario, cause a complete crash of the school’s network. The firewall software installed should be strong enough to identify and stop these viruses from entering the school system. These firewalls are so designed that while on one hand, they do not permit online games from running, they do allow the unblocked games to be played. Keeping in mind these needs of the school, Microsoft has installed the security software in its operating system itself. To increase the efficiency of this security system, the school may buy additional firewall software from the market and get them installed. This policy is adopted by not just schools, but by almost everyone today. Having two firewalls, one which is present in the operating system itself and the other is installed externally, keeps the computer system protected from all sorts of virus attacks.

The task of the schools is not easy. On hand they have to ensure that the kids have access to enough entertainment, so that they do not collapse under the pressure of studies, and on the other hand, they have to also ensure that the kids do not get exposed to information which is not suitable for their age. They need to strike a good balance between the sites that they want the access to be restricted for and the unblocked sites from where the kids can access games which will make them happy.



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