Sci Fi Glowing Cylinder




Introduction: Sci Fi Glowing Cylinder

This Glowing cylinder mostly made out of nothing it's total cost for me equal zero because it's made from householde items I am sure that you won't find it difficult to grather the components, now let's get stared.

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Step 1: Grathering the Components

- Medicine container
- Plastic spacer
- White LED
- Empty clear cosmetic container (body lotion)
- Plastic ring ( this ring which I got from an old fan used to lock the blades inside the cage)
- 3V charger
- Small medicine cap
- Some tiny screws
- Glass cleaner liquid

- Electrical tap
- Glue gun
- Screwdriver
- Cutter
- Small knife

Step 2: The Core

-I made hole in the center of the container cap with small knife then apply some hotglue around the LED to prevent the liquid from leaking then we push the LED through the hole
-Pour the glass cleaner and for extra caution but small piece of stretch film then secure the cap

Step 3:

-Make a hole for the switch using cutter
-I found the small caps are rounded little bet so I decided to sand it (only one cap)
-Now I made hole in both caps, the holes were wider than the LED diameter ( the wider cap belongs to the medicine container)
-finally glue both caps using gluegun

Step 4: Paint

-Paint those parts with black using spray paint
-I also painted the screws with blue just for decoration then I made another 3 holes and round the container to insert screws through it
-Heat the screwdriver to creat half hole to allow the charger wire to path through them
-Don't forget to creat a hole inside the container to path wire ..sorry I didin't capture the footage
-Place the container inside the ring and it really fits inside it without hot glue

Step 5: Connection

-Set the other part on it's position as in the image
-insert the switch
-The connection is simple; one termenal of the charger is connected to the LED and the other is connected to switch then to the other terminal of LED
we are almost finished just add electrical tab then glue the spacer inside the upper cap and place it on the top of the clear container ...done

You can replace the charger with 3V lithium ion battery so it became wireless or any rechargeable battery I also have one with built-in socket for charging but unfortunately it is too big to fit inside the container

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    3 years ago

    oooh, this is lovely! Once i clear the current backlog of projects, I'd like to try this! Thanks


    Reply 3 years ago

    You are welcome , i am glad that you found this useful