Glowing Furniture: RGB LED Strip + IKEA Side Table Hack




Introduction: Glowing Furniture: RGB LED Strip + IKEA Side Table Hack

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IKEA furniture is cool. Make it cooler with this fast, easy and low-cost DIY upgrade that makes your furniture glow!

Here's what you'll need:

• IKEA table (or desk, any size) - $7.99 - LACK Side Table

• 3528 LED Light Strip Complete Kit - $19.99 - Full Set on Ebay

• 5 minutes

You can do this on any furniture that has smooth flat surfaces which allows the adhesive on the back of the LEDs to stick better. My IKEA desk and side table both have perfect surfaces for the adhesive. You can use tape or other means to hold the lights in place on other surfaces.

Step 1: Attach Lights

This is a pretty straight-forward process.. Starting at either end of the roll, peel off the plastic backing of the adhesive tape (underside of LED strip) and press the strip onto the surface where you'd like the lights placed. Be careful around corners and bends.

You have some creative freedom as far as where you place the lights - I went with a set up that concealed the light strip. You can see in the photos how I put one column of lights along the back of the table that faces the wall and then made a circle of lights underneath of the table.

Finally, to improve the glow of the lights in the room, I made 3 cardboard flaps underneath the table and wrapped the LEDS around them. This directs light out rather than down.

Step 2: Make It Glow!

Once your LED strip is in place it's time to plug it in. Make sure the little arrows line up between the LED strip and the power adapter. Then, make your room glow!

I really liked how affordable and easy this build was. If you make one post your pictures in the comments below

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    That's a lot of LED's on a small LACK table :-) bright idea :-P
    Did you know that the table itself is hollow? Maybe you can improve your idea knowing this. I myself am into hacking LACK tables and made this Instructable collection with some clever ideas I found. Looking forward to your contributions.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Haha it is a lot of LED's, it really glows. I didn't know the table is hollow, that's a whole new beast to explore.. can't wait to check out your collection!