Sci Fi Style Arm Piece With Multicolored Flashing LED.




This particular item is made from items I bought at a local Dollar Tree store. It is a prop for a future video.


Step 1: The Parts.

These are the parts: The finished piece on the right and the component parts next to it. The large white armpiece is one of a pair of "Space Knight" arm pieces I bought for a dollar before Halloween. Next to it are the plastic straps for the arm piece and a multicolored flashing LED candle I also bought at the dollar store.

Step 2: Preparing the Arm Piece.

To make it easier to mount the LED candle into the arm piece, I marked the spot I wanted to cut out with masking tape, then I used a pencil to draw around the LED candle. I then used my moto tool to drill a ring of holes through the arm piece, then cut out the opening. I kept fitting the electronic candle into the hole until it finally fit. I then used hot glue to seal it on the top and underneath. In this way I could still turn the candle on and off, and still have access to the battery.

Step 3: Final Step.

To finish it off, I added a reflective gemstone-shaped top cut off from child's toy ring: Over the exposed LED. I then masked off the clear top with masking tape and spray painted the entire thing gold.

Step 4: Final Result.

And this is the final product. This type of LED "candle" flashes different colors, which is magnified by the silver interior of the fake gemstone. The on/off switch is easy to get to and the arm piece fits most peoples' forearms. And it would make a good addition to a costume and is ideal as a video prop.



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    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks! I only mounted one LED flasher on this but any number can be fitted into it, and it can be painted any color the maker wants.