Science About Make Food Gel Any Liquid!!! to Make Amazing Platings Like a Pro

now i give you my secret yo make any liquid gel
let's make it

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Step 1: Let's Start the Show

you just need two simple ingredients
some liquid AND agar agar

100ml ( wherever you want yo make gel salty or sweet )
i choose horchata water AND natural orange juice
1/4 tsp to agar agar

mixed , AND put on a pan bring to a boil 2 minutes ,transfer to heatproff bowl ,put film paper and refrigerate one hour

Step 2: Make It Gel :)

now look yo soft jelly now all you need yo do ITS beat this jelly until soft AND Silky

Step 3: How to Used

now put On a bottle or simple with a spoon put on a plates AND you make look so amazing AND profesional you can use any líquid you want

amazing AND so Easy
hace fun AND enjoy

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