Science Experiment: the Fire Snake

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Intro: Science Experiment: the Fire Snake

Being the Creative Mom (in Czech Tvořivá máma) makes people thing I'm all about the cakes and cushions, my kids wear only home-sewn clothes, my kitchen is probably pink and all my close ones get hand knitted sweaters for Christmas. Some of those things might be true but you know what? I like science pretty much, too. It's my husband who really knows about science but that does not mean that I don't know a thing or two. Therefore, my next instructable isn't going to be all fluffy, soft and peachy. It's going to be dark. And smelly. And pretty awesome.

Oh yes, and it's totally educational, so if you want to get your kids interested in science, this is a great way to start!

Step 1: Ingredients for the Fire Beast

You need only a few things to make the fire snake, you probably have them at home:

- baking soda

- powder sugar

- sand

- lighter fluid

- lighter/matches

The soda/sugar ratio is 1:4 so I used 10 grams of soda and 40 grams of sugar.

I used about 100 ml of the fluid but have some more at hand.

Step 2: Video: How To...

For further instructions watch the video and enjoy!



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    5 months ago

    Cool project, seems like a lot of fun to do with kids, especially if you combine it with a nice story about the fire snake!