Coconut Leaf Kazoo




Introduction: Coconut Leaf Kazoo

THis is the coconut leaf kazoo it is a fast and easy instrument to make just remember the smaller the kazoo the higher the pitch the bigger kazoo the lower the pitch

Step 1: Materials

Coconut Leaf


Ice Pick (Optional)

Tape (Optional)

Step 2:

•Take your coconut leaf and rip the green part from the yellow part

•Skin the yellow part so there is no green

Step 3:

• Grab the green strip of coconut strip and cut the two inches of the two ends

Step 4:

• Grab fold it twice then keep twisting it around and make sure the two foldings are flat. Make sure the two last times you twist it it goes back to being straight. You can either tape the end or leave it

Step 5:

• After get the middle yellow strip and use the scissors to scrap the edge so the end turns sharp and then make a hole with the yellow strip

Step 6:

• You can use a ice pick or something to poke the hole then stick the yellow part through the hole thatʻs all you have to do

Step 7:

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    Cool. I don't have any coconut trees but I will have to try out some different local plants and see what I can get to work.