Science to Make Teulies Lace Cookies to Elevate Your Plates Like a Pro

this cookies are perfect yo elevate your plate!! AND ITS so Easy to make!!
let's start

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Step 1: Let's Start the Show :)

you need few ingredients

100ml to some juice wherever you want this case i usted Raspberry juice
50ml sunflower oil
25 g flour

just mix all ingredients in a bowl

yes!! so Easy rigth

Step 2: Make Lace Cookies

just put a TBS off your mix in a non stick pot
no oil no nothing ,Let cook until stop Bubble AND look dry , take off carrefully put over napkin to absorbe oils :) AND yeey you have it!!!

Step 3: Now How Yo Use This Beautys

use to make another level platings
AND you can make to Salt AND sweets
any liquid ;) your plates looks like 5 star restaurant
enjoy!! AND hace fun

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