Scientific Experiment: Novel VS Graphic Novel

Introduction: Scientific Experiment: Novel VS Graphic Novel

For this scientific experiment the class will break up into 4 groups. 2 that believe graphic novels are better and 2 that believe traditional novels are better. The individuals in the groups will each chose a novel and it's graphic novel version to read for comparison to help build the teams hypothesis. The groups will then conduct and experiment and gather data in order to form a collective analysis of the results.

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Step 1: Pose a Testable Question

Do students prefer to read novels over graphic novels?

Step 2: Conduct Background Research

Fill out the poll found under the getting started tab.

Step 3: State Your Hypothesis

For this experiment a hypothesis should include beliefs or proposed explanations made on the basis of the limited amount of evidence you have gathered from the student polls, discussion forum and class discussions as well as personal reflections you make on both types of novels. Use this as a starting point for further investigation.

Step 4: Perform an Experiment

1) Make a list of parts, materials and tools needed for your experiment.

A novel and it's graphic novel counterpart

2) Declare your control variable: The control variable is the normal scenario.

For this experiment we will use the novel as the control.

3) Declare your independent variable. The independent variable is the one variable you change that makes the scenario different than normal conditions (control).

For this experiment we will use the graphic novel as the independent variable.

4) Declare your dependent variable. The dependent variable is the way you will measure the results of the experiment.

For this experience results will be measured based on opinions formed after reading both novels and participating in class discussions.

5) Describe how you will perform your experiment.

For this experiment we will each read a novel of our choosing and then read it's graphic novel version. We will participate in a class poll and survey as well as an online discussion forum and in class discussions to develop our individual hypothesis. Opinions will be formed based on preference for each novel form and hypothesis on which is preferred will be made.

Step 5: Collect Data

Use the work spaces to gather reasons why the novel form you chose is better. Contribute thoughts and ideas as they come to you and discuss these with the group.

Step 6: Group Analysis

When you finish collecting your Data, you should now conclude with an analysis of your experiment.

Your analysis should include:

1) A visual that helps show your groups results

2) A sentence/paragraph that states your hypothesis

3) A summary recapping your experiment and the experience you had as a group coming up with it.

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