This idea came from my instructable for a non-sconce .
I liked the idea of the sconce so I worked on a new instructable.

These are the ingredients from ikea
Spontan magnetic rack (AU$1.95)
Vaghult candlestick (AU$1.95)

Step 1: First Bend

a 90 degree angle about 5cm (2") from the end

Step 2: Next Bends

This is bent around the bike rack outside my flat.

Step 3: Here Is the Bending Result

Step 4: Gluing

I had to remove one of the little rubber feet before I glued the candle holder on.

Step 5: Finished

I've got concrete walls so I had to put it on the only wood I had.



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    It's very easy to bend - I was just a bit impatient and didn't bother to measure the first bend so it's a little bit uneven. I probably should edit the instructable to say that.