Sconnie Clock

Step 1: Tracing the State

I projected the state of Wisconsin on the board and traced it to tape it to my board to later cut out on the band saw

Step 2: Glue the Boards

Self explanatory

Step 3: Joint the Boards

In this step I gathered my boards and started to joint one edge on each and both edges on one of the boards I used the wood oak for my project

Step 4: Cut on Table Saw

I later cut the board to fit my state

Step 5: Bandsaw

This was probably the hardest part to my project making many relief cuts to cut the curvy state of Wisconsin and the table saw is off in this photo

Step 6: After Bandsaw

This is what it look like after cut on bandsaw before sanding and making it look good

Step 7: Spindal Sanding

This was the longest part of my project which took 5 days 42 minutes a class period

Step 8: Disc Sanding

Just some more casual sanding to make it feel nice and soft

Step 9: Routing the Back for Clock

On the Cnc machine

Step 10: Route Sconnie on the Front

Again on my favorite machine the Cnc

Step 11: Paint

Paint the letters of sconnie

Step 12: Polyurethane

Polyed my clock



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