Scooter Glove Box Bluetooth Boombox




Hi Guys,

Here is my first inscrutable please provide some feedback to make the next even better !

This boombox is taking advantage of the limited space of a glove box compartment of an old scooter Yamaha Beluga 80cc (2nd Gen and re-branded by MBK).

It is power by 3 cells @3.7V extracted from an old laptop battery.

Here is the BOM :

- TPA3116 amp 15$

- Digital Voltmeter 2$

- Switch and 18650 battery holder 2$

- speakers are from a old car but you can use any 4-8 ohms speakers

V1 at the moment improvements to come :

V1.5 : Better waterproofing and cosmetic enhancements.

V2 : front panel control with remapped push buttons

V3 : PCM integration to use scooter's alternator and charger batteries.

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Step 1: Mark Some Holes for the Speakers

drill holes for the sound

Step 2: Marks and Holes Again !

Make the hole with Dremel to host the switch and digital voltmeter

Used some motherboards spacers and tapped the plastic to screw them in.

Step 3: Glue Gun Time!

waterproofed the volt meter to avoid issues with humidity.

Screwed and glue gunned the 3S battery holder.

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Here is the V2 in operation :


    3 years ago

    Here it is fitted on the scooter. Can't wait to have a better weather and actually use it !