Scooter Polo.

Introduction: Scooter Polo.

Scooter polo. I originally got the idea form bicycle polo. You can go here to learn about it. I have warped/twisted the rules and made my own. This is a really fun project to try over the weekend with some friends, and it is really cheap.

Step 1: Rules.

1. To hit the ball you must have two feet on the scooter deck
2. No physical contact (That includes hitting mallets)
3. No goalies
4. You can't kick or push the ball with your foot buy it is ok for it to touch you scooter
5. Have fun

Step 2: How to Make the Mallet.


1/2 inch pvc (for the handle)
2 or 1 1/2 inch ABS (for the head)
Long bolt and matching nut


3/4 spade bit
A drill bit a little larger than you

How to:

Cut a 5-8 inches (you can experiment) section of the 2 or 1 1/2 ABS and drill a 3/4 hole through the side of it. You may have to enlarge it to get the handle in. Next cut the handle cut a 2-3 foot (again, you can experiment) length of 1/2 pvc pipe. Then hut the head on the handle. Then drill a hole through bout the 1 1/2 or 2" ABS and 1/2 PVC then but your  (LOOK AT THIS LINK IF YOU DON'T GET IT, JUST REMEMBER I HAVE MADE DESIGN MODIFICATIONS SO LOOK AT THE VIDEO BUT LISTEN TO ME)

Step 3: The Ball

I just use a street hockey ball. It's just that simple, just make sure it doesn't weigh that much.

Step 4: Riding Technique

It is hard to ride a scooter with one hand, swinging a long object in the other hand, and scoot around with one foot, and brake. I personally found the best way to do it was to hold the middle of the handle with my left hand, hold the mallet in the other hand a push along with my right foot. I am right handed so the proses will probably be the  opposite if you are left handed.

Step 5: The "Vehicle"

My scooter is very close to the ground and does not have a lot of places that the ball could potentially get stuck in. Just make sure nothing bad could happen to your scooter, make sure everything is tight and that you brakes work.

Step 6: Injuries

BE CAREFUL! Although you are pretty much just standing up, you can easily hurt yourselves! And wear appropriate footwear! I wore sandals hand somehow managed to get one stuck in between the wheel and the brake. And also wear gloves because you will fall.

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