Scooter Windshield

I like to ride my scooter but before long it's gonna get cold so I made a windshield all you need is  2 pieces of flat metal,4 nuts and bolts,4 metal flat washers,4 rubber flat washers,A piece of plexiglass

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    11 months ago on Introduction

    Can't recommend this idea and the poster should consider to take it down.
    The sharp edges have been commented on, but I wonder how ordinary plexiglas behaves in a crash, I suspect it will splinter. Afaik windshields are made of splinter-free polycarbonate and must have been approved for safety reasons in most (developed) Countrys.

    Did your modification make a difference?
    I like how you used the mirror stubs to attach the screen.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very good idea!

    In my youth I had an ISO 150 cc scooter with windshield. It was really helpful.

    I strongly suggest you to round the top corners, for safety.

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